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This is me…

My friends’ say I am sweet and love to talk about anything..even though the topic’s is quite nonsense.  I always eat healthy food and…..PANCAKES!! Well, everyone has their favorite food right? I love pancakes…what about them? Their fluffy, sweet but not that sweet, MAPLE SYRUP!! Oh yes…one of the few simple things that makes me happy…but also, I am happy to help everyone in WYDGobal. I am ready to give time and assist them in anyway I can.

And one more thing…please don’t ask any items or gold…I am not allowed to do that….it breaks my heart…because I can’t help you with those kind of problems…even though I really REALLY wanted to give some…

My hobbies? I love to take my time taking care of my pet puppies. They’re still babies, Chow-Chows, they’re all fluffy and so SOOOO cute!! I love every bit of them. I love to go out with my family. To the movies, to restaurants, to malls, to amusement park, we enjoy every second of our time being together. I love hanging out with friends, online and offline, also with you fellow wydians.


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