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Claire of the THEBALANCE Guild!! HUUUUGGGGSSSS!! ^w^.v..
October 3, 2008, 1:28 pm
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After the “Shout For Joy” Event, I have forgotten to give claire her prize. So I summoned her in our GM Lounge to give her personally the rewards, two pieces of Laktorerium Powders. And as claire started to talk, I was having to start a great time chatting with her and hanging around with CM Dhar with GM Loki messing around the place with their PIGs. Well…I was kinda jealous in what they’re doing…racing with the PIGs and all….anyway!! I have come to a point that I must INTERVIEW claire!!

Here is my interview of claire of THEBALANCE Guild!! Enjoy!! ^w^.v..

1.) Q: So Claire….how long have you been playing WYD Global?

  • claire: Lets see…I started playing here officially in March
    after SD closed down, but I made character here for fun in February.
  • CM Tonbarry: So what SD server did you play?
  • claire: I played malay SD, but the GMs there were so bad
    almost non existent….XD

2.) Q: So do you find WYD Global Better?

  • claire: Yes!! Alot better!! I like that the gm work here!!
    Also, they dont ignore players when they asked questions
    In sd the gm would log once a month!!
    if you spammed him…
  • CM Tonbarry: Really? Only once? XD
  • claire: Yeah!!Only once!!

CM Tonbarry: Before the third question, CM Dhar and claire are chatting using Japanese Language…which I couldn’t understand…I know some Japanese too!! Only…a little…itsy-bitsy!!

3.) Q: Are you Japanese?

  • claire: No…ummmm…I am an american lol!! XD
    Got interested in japanese language.
    I am studying the language to visit there!!

4.) Q: Ever planning to become a Japanese Citizen?

  • claire:  I have never thought about that actually….
    I will onsider it now that you told me!!

5.) Do you have a girlfriend?

  • claire: I don’t swing that way!! lol
    Ton silly cm!!
  • CM Tonbarry: So you’re a girl? I didn’t know!! Sowee!! Hugggggggssss!!!
  • claire: Hugggggggggssssss!!! XD

6.) Q: So how are you doing with the flow of the game?

  • claire: ummm I think Im doing good!! I like he events here!!
    Since we have a lot of events here, but I don’t know why people complain….hmmmm…
    I like the casino event — won once!! XD

7.) Q: What did you win?

  • claire: I won a jackpot!! So I guess I need to order the price piece of armor
    maybe Ill order from you then 3 left to go!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Wow! You’re lucky!! What armor do you want to have?
  • claire: I don’t know yet…hmmm…

8.) Q: How do you find our Wyd Support? Is it good? Is it bad?

  • claire: It is absolutely the BEST!!! When I 1st started here it surprised me!
    I sent a report, I got an answer within 10 minutes
    Lol!! I was like wow GMs work here!! Fantastic Support!!
    I love it!! Really helps in-game!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thank you so much!! I could just HUGGGG you right now…speaking of hugs…GM Loki’s hugging me again…and when it becomes annoying I would throw marshmallows at CM Dhar…and CM Dhar is all…”WHY ME?” and eats the marsmallow I threw at him…XD GM Loki’s is like my Big sister here and CM Dhar is like my Big Brother!! ^w^
  • clare: You work togther?
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah!! We hardly go home!!

9.) Q: How’s THEBALANCE? Still good?

  • claire: Oh!! thebalance did really good in the fight against Zeus Guild
    I love that the guild equally shares tax that is why we moved to server
    Zeus leader kept tax or so I heard from thebalance members who came from zeus
    Too much fight for tax!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Money can do many thing
    But somethings are not meant to be bought…

10.) Q: Besides all the games you played? How do you find WYD Global at your list?

  • claire: Ooooo hard question let me think….I dont really play other games now because of school but,
    from its type of game that I played
    it sure is the top for me to still play lol!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Really? Really Really? Thank you very much!! We work 24 hours to make sure you guys will have a great time here with us!! Thank you so much claire for making us your favorite MMORPG to play this time!! XD Hugggggggsssss!!!
  • claire: Yes!! Thank you too!!! HUGGGGGGSSSS!!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thank you for your time claire!! Here are your rewards, because you are such a great player and also a great chatter I will give you 5 Laktoreriums instead of 3 Laktoreriums as your prize in my SpotLight Event!! Thank you!!
  • claire: Wow!! Thanks!! HUgggggggggsss!!

Well, there you have it!! From the THEBALANCE Guild, claire!! She may be a girl, but don’t underestimate the Girl Power!!!! HUUUGGGGSSSS!!! XD

Thank you for your continous Support and ENJOY your stay here at WYD Global!! Ciao!!!!


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