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Green Cape Time!!
September 22, 2008, 12:09 am
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Well, after the 700 GMT “Where Am I” event, this one player who stayed and keeps on talking to me. He was kind and polite, very friendly, so I decided to take  this oppurunity to interview  him!! Its time for the greencapes to take the Weekly Spotlight.

Thank you very much TK-Guardian!!

1.)  Q: Are you having FUN with us?

  • Tk-Guardian: Yes, the best time ever!! Havent had this much fun in so long
  • CM Tonbarry: Thanks that means a lot! X3

2.) Q: How old are you? X3

  • TK-Guardian: I am 15….almost 16
  • CM Tonbarry: You’re young…X3…Are you a guy?
  • TK-Guardian: Am I too young and yes, you know, that this is the game ever
    in history of games…seriously, I love it!! Its to COOL!! All the
    awesome event…great characters…and mostly, nice GMs and Cms and
    armour and everything else. The thing that I most like about this game is the ideas that you guys had
    for example the maps and the sketch of the weapons and etc,
    I mean it!!
  • CM Tonbarry: You know….Im very happy to know that you are really having so much fun with us
  • TK-Guardian: You’re so nice!! and I really like the event where am I
    remember when I found you in Kephra Dungeon then I died
    I was so scared but you were nice enough to relo…your the best!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Well…you’re the first one to find me though
    So even though you died so even though you died
    I still consider you as the winner that time X3
  • TK-Guarddian: Hehe!! Thanks that is so nice of you!!


3.) Q: Are you still going to school?

  • TK-Guardian: I think school is very important for my future!!
    and someday I hope to be a game designer or even work for ur guys
    as a CM or GM!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Well, Do you best and you might WORK with us
    We love hard-working people!! X3
  • TK-Guardian: I only have straight A’s!!
  • CM Tonbarry: And Im happy that you take school seriously!!
    Wow …straight A’s!! It is important you know!!
  • TK-Guardian: I also do after school sports, I also ice skate and also pair skate
    Just for exercise though…
  • CM Tonbarry: Ohhhh…How about snowboarding?
  • TK-Guardian: I wish ….but I live in florida…
  • CM Tonbarry: Its always sunny there in Florida Right
  • TK-Guardian: Yup!! Today in the car…it was 109 degress celcius
    It was so hot..I almost fainted!!
  • CM Tonbarry: You can cook pancakes with that kind of Temperature!!
  • TK-Guardian: I know lol!! too bad we were driving home…

4.) Q: How do you find our WYD Support?

  • TK-Guardian: Well…first I try to contact gm-in-game
    If I dont get a response I send them a message
    I am very patient so its okay
  • TK-Guardian: How can I become OP?
  • CM Tonbarry: First send a brief description of yourself, your english proficiency, and
    what shift are you willing to handle the Academy.
    Send it to the Q and A section.
    The GMs will handle it.

TK Guarddian: Awesome!!

4.) Q: If you are to be addicted to this game
         Do you blame us…or youself?

  • TK-Guardian: I would blame myself! Because you have nothing to do with me being addicted
    If I am addicted its because I love this game
  • CM Tonbarry: Awww…you’re so nice…I could just HUG you!!Wel if can that is…
  • TK-Guardian: There you go a BIIIIGGGG HUUUGGG!!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Last question!!

5.) Q: Who’s your favorite Cm…? X3

  • TK-Guardian: Well, I dont have one! I love them all!!
  • CM Tonbarry: That’s so nice of you!! Loving  all of us!!
  • TK-Guardian: Hehehehe!! Thanks! But if I have to pick one it would be you!!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thanks!! Well….thank you for your time!! And here are your Three  Laktorerium Powders as your reward!!
  • TK-Guardian: Wow!! Thanks!! Thank you!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thank you too!! Thank you for your time!! See you around okay?
  • TK-Guardian: Okay!! See you around too CM Tonbarry!!

Well there you have it!! TK-Guardian, He’s maybe just a Mortal but he’s a nice guy so Im proud of him!! Keep it up TK-Guardian!! ^w^

Thank you for your Continous Support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!!



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Wowa you’re a nice one. xD You should pop by and interview me sometime, I’d be happy to help out xD

Chars: TheSiren, SnakeEyes, TheSirenJr

Drop by USA waters sometime!!!!11! ❤

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