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At the office…
September 15, 2008, 11:32 pm
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Well, as CMs and GMs we are not allowed to give any information of our looks and about ourselves to players to avoid favoritism and any of the sort. So, I dedided to make my avatar what I look like “Formally” during Mondays and Fridays during office work. Well…this is me, in my Office Attire…pretty neat huh?

I’ll try to update more about myself in ANIME terms. So you HUNK Guys and CUTE Girls may imagine what I really look like in real life.

This is me during “At the Office” – I do not wear them everyday!! X3 Only Mondays and Fridays during reports and meetings!! XD I always hated high heels….makes my feet hurt…XD


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Cough Cough actually CM Dhar has always been my favorite CM but if tonbarry looks as 1/10 as she is in this picture then I guess things are about to change!! LOL

Comment by MSTR-FOEMA

I meant 1/10 as cute as she is. I was writting fast sorryz 😛

Comment by MSTR-FOEMA

lmao SHE is… XD!

Comment by CM Dhar

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