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The return of a TransKnight…cannibal
September 14, 2008, 9:45 pm
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Okay!! I was so SURPRISED I saw cannibal once again!! it has been such a long time since I had a convesation with him. I told myself, “Hey Why not?” So I asked him nicely if I could interview him and ask him about what he had been doing when he was not around here in WYD Global. And I discovered something that made me feel really awful…read it so you would know about it…I feel really sorry for cannibal…huhuhuhuuhu!! SORRY!! CANNIBAL!!! XD

First Question!! ^w^

1.) Q: So how are you? Its been ahwhile since I last saw you…

  • cannibal: I am a fine…bit sleepy…just got up from bed…
  • CM Tonbarry: Is it morning at your place?
  • cannibal: Yeah I heard how much of a meanie you were when I was away. Now , I work night shift
    so am used to being up at night.
  • CM Tonbarry: Your a hard-working man. I admire you!! X3
  • CM Tonbarry: Now don’t be silly.

Okay to the real questions!!

  • cannibal: Yes!! I will marry you!!
  • CM Tonbarry: lol I’m not even asking!! Lol! X3

2.) Q : What have you’ve been doing while you were away?

  • cannibal: You mean while I was gone? Can’t tell you..I might end up in jail!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Hmmmm..really? Lol!!

3.) Q: You’re Guildless…why is that?

  • cannibal: So if I lose my temper lol and I will
    I wont come back on to what ever guild am in it

4.) Q: Do you have plans going back to Bushido?

  • cannibal: I dont want people or my members get PKed cos of me
    maybe depends how I feel
  • CM Tonbarry: And…will you return to bushido? Someone’s waiting for you there.
  • cannibal: I know apo…somehow everything he tells me has little twist and turns..but I believe him.
    CM Tonbarry: You better talk to him about it. its better to discuss it immersively rather than ignoring it right?
  • cannibal: I agree.

5.) Q: Okay!! How do you find WYD Global at the first place?
          is it a great game? Fun?

  • cannibal: Yes I love it!! But I find it to small
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah I do agree. XD 

6.) Q: Do you have any suggestions how to improve the game?

  • cannibal: Yeah!! You should be able titles in guild as in if someone proves them self or does a nice you can give a title you have to keep alot of people happy when guild leader and all want to be sub
    giving them a title makes them feel a bit…bettter about themselves.
  • CM Tonbarry: yes so even a normal member can have a Guild Title right?
  • cannibal: Ya all
  • CM Tonbarry: Okay that’s a good idea
  • cannibal: Makes them feel more a part of the guild don’t you think?
    All big guilds forget about the lower lvls its nice not to be forgotten
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah I think so too.

7.) Q: Do you like breakfast?

  • cannibal: Well as I wake up at 5 in the afternoon..its not really morning.
  • CM Tonbarry: so what do you eat then?
  • cannibal: Fat little people they yummyUhhh….right….fat little people. Ya just like bacon

8.) Q: Do you have kids?

  • cannibal: Ahh kids…thats why I was know on my girl had a misscarriage…
  • CM Tonbarry: Ohhh..SORRY SORRY!! I made you remember that…
  • cannibal: That’s why I had to take time of game
  • Cm Tonbarry: I feel awful right now you have done nothing
    Sorry!! TwT I feel AWFUL!!
  • cannibal: Well dont
  • CM Tonbarry: Huhuhuhuhuhu Sorry Cannibal…
  • cannibal: Its okay carry on
  • CM Tonbarry: Well…I’m still sniffinf*…I really felt awful…
  • cannibal: don’t its fine…carry on…So where you from?
  • CM Tonbarry: Can’t tell you that or to everybody else…
    Sowee…its protocol…keeping a low porfile….
  • cannibal: Don’t worry I’ll not hunt you down
    Well..I might

9.) Q: What is your goal Sir Cannibal?

  • cannibal: SImple crush all who are in my way!! I’m not sure what for yet,,,
    but It involves PK lol alot
  • CM Tonbarry: oh!! you really are a war freak!! X3 lol
  • cannibal: well what else is there to do?
    you need sub games in here no,w well, when I started playing alot of people who are high-levels bully me. Now I bully them They made this monster
  • CM Tonbarry: Scary!!
  • cannibal: But yeah!! Sub games would be nice!! Pvp like…with a wager..with like a bet winning takes the pot.
  • CM Tonbarry: Oh that’s sounds exciting!!
  • cannibal: POKER Give us poker tables lol You know ya wanna!!
  • CM Tonbarry: We already have the casino and the money cube for your gamble needs. X3 lol!!

Last Question!!

  • Who’s your favorite CM?
  • cannibal: Right now…its you. Well, im just being nice that’s all.
  • CM Tonbarry: Well, atleast you’re just being truthful and frank. Thanks!!
  • cannibal: No problem.
  • CM Tonabrry: Thank you for yout time Sir Cannibal!! Here are your rewards, three pieces Laktorerium Powder!! And I’m sorry…
  • cannibal: Great! Thanks!! Oh its okay!! XD

Well, there you have it. Cannibal, its really had been awhile since I saw him and I missed him. I am sorry for your lost cannibal…sniff* Let us all say our Condolences ro cannibal for the lost of his child…sniff* Long live and do NOT give up happiness Cannibal!!

I hope all of you enjoyed and understand what cannibal had been through…

Thank you for your continous Support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal


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Hey Tonbarry….

Its Azmon

Can you please interview me next xD

Thanks! xo


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