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My Second Victim!! Godbane!!
August 15, 2008, 9:25 pm
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Okay! Right now I’m still itching for interviews!! Here is my Next Victim, Godbane!! And he gave me his time for my little interview. Recently, Sir Arrancar who was once a member of Ares Guild,,,but now I saw him defeating Kephra as a member of the Zeus Guild. So!! Here is my little interview with Sir Godbane!! Please do enjoy!!

1.) Q: How do you find WYDGlobal to your liking?

  • Godbane: It is so much Fun!! Especially the C.C. System!! It helps a lot with my hunting!! XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Thanks for making WYDGlobal your choice!! And I am very happy to know that you are having fun with us!! Thanks Sir Godbane!! NEXT Question!! XD

2.) Q:Are you a premium user?

  • Godbane: Yes!! Me and my friend share wydcoins. We help each other a lot!  Especially the part where we need the GodPack. Helping is part of reaching your goal. And its fun helping someone especially when he/she’s your personal friend. XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Awww…that’s soooo CUUTTEE!!! Is your friend a girl? XD

3.) Q: What are your plans for today?

  • Godbane: Geting a blue cape!! And join Shield or Love land. But I’m still thinkg about it….I’m still thinking of joining Bushido Guild. I heard they’re sponsoring water shares for their members. It sounds good…too good…hmmm…but still it rocks if ever it was true! XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah!! You better check them out too!!

4.) Q: Do you love to PK or it depends on the situation?

  • Godbane: Yup! I’m a Situational kind of guy. I only PK another player when he/she starts to attack me. I’m not a PK addict, because I’m still reaching my goal of becoming a 400 god. My 250 God has wrong stat distribution but my god does pretty good just need another weapon lol not side of mage LMAO then I should be fine so when I’m 400 it should be good. XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Just keep on focusing on your goal, and I’m sure with the help of your friend, you two will able to reach 400 God…and even Celestial.

5.) Q: How do you find WydGlobal support?

  • Godbane: I’m not really sure….because whenever I send to Q and A, they don’t reply. Like when I asked how much was the jackpot on June 30th 2–8 I got no reply, they said they are investigating, but never replied in a month. Its about the prize of the casino jackpot…I’m not quite sure what I’ve won so I got to ask them. Can you tell me why they can’t tell me?
  • CM Tonbarry: Well…what did you win at the casino jackpot?
  • Godbane: 13 million gold to be exact.
  • Cm Tonbarry: The reason why the Gms will not entertain your problem is that because they don’t see any problem at all with your involvement with the given Q and A. Also, the GMs prioritized some Q and As to some other non-important Q and As. But for your case, the only thing that made the GMs not to entertain your Q and A is that you have already acquired your prized which is the 13 Million Gold jackpot. Okay?
  • Godbane: Oh okay!! Thanks CM!! I guess I was being selfish and all…but I think I realize now!! GMs are really working hard aren’t they?
  • CM Tonbarry: Yes!! They work 24-hours just to read all the Q and As even the ones that doesn’t make sense at all!! Thank you for your support Godbane!! XD
  • Godbane: Thank you too!! XD lol

6.) Q: Who’s your favorite GM or CM?

  • Godbane: Well, for the GM…hmmmm….well…I think GM Nemesis and CM….lol your the first CM I met!! lolXD
  • CM Tonbarry: Aweee….really? I’m the first one? XD I’m really happy!! Thanks for your time Sir Godbane!! XD
  • Godbane: Thank you for your time too, CM Tonbarry!! XD

There you have it!! My Second victim for the Random Interview event of CM Tonbarry!! Also, after the interview, my victim will receive 2 pieces Laktoterium Powders. Thank you for your time!!

Thank you for your continous support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!! Get ready!! Maybe you’re my next VICTIM!!! XD


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LOL CM Tonbarry maybe YOU are my next victim 😛

Comment by MSTR-FOEMA

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