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A good way to start off
August 11, 2008, 11:19 pm
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Everyone starts a journey with almost nothing…well not really. When you are new in WYDGlobal here are some few tips to make your new beginning a little more exciting and let’s just say “Cooler!!”.

  • Check out your cargo. Head out to the Cargo Guard inside Armia and get your FREE mount. It will only last for Fifteen-Long Days [15D] so use while its there!!
  •  Always read your quest log so you’ll not overlook and forget about your priorities to finish and get the rewards of that certain quest.
  • Do not hesitate to ask help from others.
  • Be friendly to everyone when you are still new in WYD. Make friends so that they’ll remember you and maybe, in the future, they will help you out in certain areas  that you cannot accomplish by yourself…the power of friendship.
  • Do not spam and scam. PKed is allowed but sometimes there are limits and “signs” when to stop killing other players.
  • Join the Academies so you would reach 320 in a flash!!

This is not entirely the most accurate and the most complete helpful information you may see. But I will not treat you as “Newbies” because I know you are capable just about eveything to know about the game.

I hope these simple tips may become helpful new Wydians!! Thank you for your support and Enjoy your stay here at WydGlobal!! If there are any problems concerning about the game, please do not hesitate to send it to and go to the Q and A section.

Besides that, I am also willling to help you guys out personally depending on the problem and I will even tell it to the GMs personally about your In-Game problems.

Thank you!! Thank you and Enjoy WydGlobal!!


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Did you just say Cooler? Whats cooler then viewing my blog? heheh. jk.

nice post, im sure its helpful! 😀

Comment by Cooldude21

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