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The Way of a Leader…
August 10, 2008, 8:03 am
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Love your soldiers as if they were your children, and they will follow you even in the darkest valley…” Sun Tzu.

I believe in this saying of Sun Tzu. Yes, it might be too ideal for a Guild Leader to treat everyone as a brother/sister or a son/daughter. Soldiers tend not to follow their leader, if the leader is only showing nothing but protocol. As if the leader doesn’t treat them any better than a tool for combat.

Tips for being a effective Guild Leader:

  • Always share something to your soldiers. It may be intangible or not. As long you know it will help him/her. It may be informtation, it could be a helpful item, and even…it may just be a greeting just to let him/her know that you give importance to them.
  • Do not curse and swear on them. Always teach them the right way of choosing decisions and creating one.
  • Give them things that they need. A liitle bit of gold. Some equipments with options as long you know for yourself that you are making them happy like children.
  • Invest on them and nurture them.
  • Show them that you are kind hearted and at the same time fierceful in combat. Be a mixture of love and the confidence that they need to see in you, through you, as leader of the Guild.
  • Be an Example. Do not tolerate members who are breaking the rules of your brotherhood.

“Being a leader is not about being the best. Its about bringing the best out of others.”


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Good Day All

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