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August 9, 2008, 3:39 pm
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Every beginning has its own ups and downs. I can relate to players with their problems, so I will take my time just to talk to them and encourage them to do what is right.

It is like venturing down in a dark forest of fear and sorrow, a dungeon of evil with fiends with unmatched strength. Take time and be patient. Imagine yourself as a individual who takes every challenge a stepping stone towards greatness.

Imagine everything as you always wanted. Like the forest of darkness, I imagine myself in a happy place of peace, love, and freedom. Imagine…


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yea i just had my down lol. wonder wheres my up.

check my blog to get wad i meant hehe.

nice style of words, hehe.

Comment by Cooldude21

I like that idea about guild leaders helping and talking to everyone. On my main i dont see that alot. I try to be active and talkative but no1 seems to pay attention except others of my status. You dont see the other leaders talking much or ofering even a tidbit of advice. Mayb it is just me tho

Comment by Hamster-Heal

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