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This is me ^w^,v..
August 9, 2008, 3:39 pm
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About me? okay. hmmmm…let’s start off with…”My favorite food!!”

I love pancakes, waffles. Especially when I eat them during breakfast…with a cup of hot-choco. I also love taking care of cute cute CUUUTTTEEEE puppies. They’re chow chows by the way!! Love every bit of them!! I love playing MMOs thats for sure! I love to watch funny shows and movies and Anime!!

I love going to school while doing work. I love talking with my fellow wydians who continually supported me even though I’m stressed out with school and work. I want to thank God, he gave me a boss who always treat me to the “INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES!”!! XD Grrrrrrr!! …and maple syrup…>w<

I love my Family, my mommy and daddy. My three younger sisers. My pet puppies! Pancakes and Waffles….and maple syrup….I love bubbles when taking a bath~! XD

I love God and…WydGlobal

Thank you for your continous Support and please enjoy your stay!! I will do everything in my power to help you guys about in-game problems okay? OKAY!!!


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I love my puppy too. He’s a mini-pinscher.

Comment by Tuta

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