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I am CM Tonbarry…Welcome.
August 1, 2008, 9:16 am
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Hello fellow wydians. I am very happy that you will take your time and visit me here!! Hi, I am CM Tonbarry, one of the four Community Managers [CM] of WYDGlobal. Many people ask me, “CM…are you also like a “GM”?”… Well, technically not, but we can help you in your problems in-game and even, assist you in other problematic issues.

I am your friend, and also, your companion in everything. I will even talk to the GMs personally for your convenience. Also, whenever you have something to share, about problems in life, and in in-game. I am here to listen. You can even tell me your secrets and I will keep it as if it was my own…

Take a flight with me…and spend time together. I am happy to listen…and lend a helping hand to you…my beloved wydian.


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Comment by Anonymous

hey cm tonbarry its nice hearing about you. i havnt seen you much but im sure your busy. you should pop into usa water share 7-10 gt some time and talk to me. granny nix doesnt seem like me much xD i demand to many brownies but well get her to fix us some pancakes and maple syrup 🙂

Comment by Hamster-Heal

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