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Apothic, Fierce and Generous…~w~.v..
August 24, 2008, 11:39 pm
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So…this one time, when I was with REALAMERICAN and Norf, REALAMERICAN talked about Apothic a lot when I chatted with him, and I summoned Apothic here at my side and told me not to summon him just like that without notification…SCCCAAARRRYYY!!! XD He was a strict player. Sub-Chief, 2nd-InCommand, and Future Leader and Guild Master of the Bushido Guild.

And here is the interview with Apothic.

1.) Q: So how’s Bushido holding up?

  • Apothic: Not so good. REALAMERICAN and SicK-NastY just left Bushido without notification or whatsoever. 4 of my guild members left today and transferred to another Guild, mainly Disturbed. I even helped them in many things and still they didn’t appreciate them…sad.
  • CM Tonbarry: Awww…they left Bushido because they wanted too huh?…Next Question!!

2.) Q: How do you help  your members?

  • Apothic: For the new recruits, dependin on his/her level, I sponsor 5-10 Shares N. Not always, sometimes if I felt that they’re not gaining levels from the past days. I also give them gold 2-3M once every 3 days, if they need it though, I help them acquire some the items needed for their quests, Mortal-God Quest, the 355 and 370 lock quest. But I guess, some people are not that appreciative…so they leave the Guild they once brag about after they have already acquired what they want with you…sad…
  • CM Tonbarry: Sorry to hear that Sir Apothic. And its so admirable that you like/love helping players with their problems. Gold and items.

3.) Q:Do you plan leaving the Guild if you see its not going anywhere?

  • Apothic: Leaving Bushido for me is like leaving WYDGLobal itself. I know , and we all know, that Bushido is a weak guild, but I am open to anyone who wants to join Bushido and help partially, not entirely, in-game. Even though they leave me and the guild behind, atleast they know that I helped him/her even if they talked trash about me and the about the Bushido Guild.
  • CM Tonbarry: Awwww (sniff*) You make me want to cry…So its like, you’re always “Arms-Wide-Open”?
  • Apothic: Not really. I also encourage them to get the other items, to be invlolved in-game and learn to do quests by themselves.
  • CM Tonbarry: That’s good!! Don’t Spoil them though. XD

4.) Q: What do you like about the game?

  • Apothic: Helping others, PK and PvP. Yeah!!
  • CM Tonbarry: You’re rare…you know that? XD lol
  • Apothic: Well, I’m just generous and kind if you don’t turn your back on me.

5.) Q: Why bushido? Why not Join other Guilds to have a chance to be invloved in Channel Wars, Guild Wars

  • Apothic: I’m not the kind of person who wants to join a strong guild just to be known. I want to help players who are experiencing a hard time. I am nurturing Bushido, I may not rule over towns, but I know I am not selfish and I am willing to give assistance to my members.
  • CM Tonbarry: You’re like the Big Daddy of bushido huh?XD

6.) Q: What can you say about your former friends who left the guild and even not trying  to come back?

  • Apothic: Do not backstabbed them…I don’t want them to feel what I felt  when you guys left. Betrayal, sadness, anger. Stay and be loyal to your current Guild. Yes, you know that Bushido is still on its growing stage, but I am here to help them.

7.) Q: How’s cannibal?

  • Apothic: He gave me his leader position. He trusts me more than anyone else. He trusted ME more than REALAMERICAN and SicK-NastY who stayed with him at beginning and just to betray him and hurt him in the end. I, in the other hand, is somehow understand cannibal and his attitude towards other players. We love to brag and to stir-up commotions with other guilds even though we are just few…well, the truth its just ME and cannibal who are the Celestials of Bushido, and our members are just turning God class and some are already God. I believe in them, and I am very happy to know, that even though we are out numbered and outclassed, my members stayed because they trusted me.
  • CM Tonbarry: Being a leader is not about being the best. Its about bringing the best out of others!! XD
  • Apothic: Yeah, something like that!

8.) Q: CM Tonbarry: Last question!! Who is your favorite GM and Cm?

  • Apothic: My favorite Cm would be You, CM Tonbarry, and my favorite Gm…that would be…GM Vulcan.
  • CM Tonbarry: Oh! Thanks Apothic! And Sorry about the last time I suddenly summoned you!! Tee-hee!! XD REALAMERICAN and Norf just suggested to summon you…I can’t resist!! XD lol!
  • Apothic: Well…that’s okay…I was helping my guild mates that time. But don’t fo that again.
  • CM Tonbarry: Okay…(Scary…*) XD Well, Here’s your two Laktoterium Powders and thank you again for your time!! XD
  • Apothic: Thanks. These would help my members financially. Thank you.

Now there you have it!! Apothic, Leader of Guild Bushido!! Keep up the good work Apothic!! I hope you guys enjoy my interview! See you online!! And maybe you’re my next victim!! XD

Thank you for your continous Support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!!


Guild Shield Pictorial!! ^w^,v..
August 20, 2008, 7:48 pm
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Well I have decided to take a picture of Shield Guild!! Sir Sumpy, while riding on his beloved PIG, is kind enough to take a picture of SHIELD…and WOW!! They’re so MANY!!!


Thank you very much SHIELD GUILD for your time!!

Thank you for you continous support and ENJOY your stay here at WYDGlobal!!

Friska of Shield Guild…YEAH!! >w<,v..
August 19, 2008, 10:26 pm
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Here is my next victim, Friska!! She’s a Black Foema / Artillery Foema. And I can see that she’s one strong babe to mess with. Last time I have interviewed guys and I think its about time I interview some Gals. Okay!! Here’s my interview~!! XD


1.) Q: Friska!! How is Shield doing?

  • Friska: We are the former founders of METAL Guild, then, some problems occured, we lay lowed, we have a little vacation, and we decided to create SHIELD Guild. And we decided that our friend, Dumptires will be the GL of Shield. And Somehow we manage to do great in Siege Wars and Guild Wars…yeah..I think we’re doing fine.
  • CM Tonberry: I’ve met your GL, dumptires, and he’s friendly and all. I like him. XD (Don’t get the wrongidea!!)

2.) Q: Why not join with the other Guilds that had already made their mark of being strong and financially strong?

  • Friska: Yeah…I thought of that in the first place really. But I guess joining them would only mean that I am somehow would be dependent to them. And some may say I’m just using them for me to get by. So we decieded to create SHIELD that is Fresh yet able to coup up with the present situation and to revive all the prevoius members of METAL Guild. Because METAL is metal, and SHIELD is made out of METAL which is us, Me, Ghi, and Dump. We are the METALs who forged SHIELD.
  • CM TonberrY: I already admire yo u FRISKA!! Autograph Please!!!XD

3.) Q: What is your favorite thing to do in-game?

  • Friska: Hmmmm…I like PK…but most of the time I just farm anf collect materials for doing the Ancient System and  other stuffs…I love to gamble. Not the money cube!! XD I love to upgrade! I love the thrill of upgrading items. Very challenging, financially mostly and time comsuming but like I said, I love gambling!
  • CM Tonberry: XD You’re so hard-working Friska!! I really ADMIRE you now!!

4.) Q: How do you find WydGlobal’s Support?

  • Friska: I find them friendly and quick! One time I asked about how to go God and they sent me a reply with a more precise information. I like it!
  • CM Tonberry: Good for you!! We really appreciate it!! Thanks!! XD

5.) Q: Are you having fun with us?

  • Friska: Yeah!! I’m liking this a lot!! Especially, the siege war and guild war. You need to spend a lot to win but its worth it!!
  • CM Tonberry: Nice!!! XD

6.) Q: So do you think SHIELD will become a great Guild?

  • Friska: I believe so…yeah!! We can defend our tower against Zeus in server 4 so yeah I think so.
  • CM Tonberry: Yeah! Zeus is really strong. In numbers and level. XD And I’m surprised that you were able to defend your tower in server 4.
  • Friska: We’re not that strong “STRONG”…but with the help of friends and allies yes, we are.

7. Q: Are you a WYD-Coin user?

  • Friska: Yeah, but I only buy coins and buy some necessry items. I love to farm and spending wydcoins just to gain gold is somehow, for me, quite careless…I don’t like wasting real currency for a game. But I think, I would spend wydcoins as much as I wanted too…but in a careful way.
  • CM Tonberry: That’s good!! Don’t waste your money so much!! And spend your Wyd-Coins wisely! I’m happy to hear that from you!! XD

8.) Q: Last Question!! Who’s your favorite Gm?

  • Friska: GM Hyperion and for the CM….I think its you!! Coz your the first one who interviewed me XD lol!!  And I thinkk  GM Hyperion is also a girl….so I like her…but who knows…their identities are meant to be “just” Secrets…
  • CM Tonberry: You like GM Hyperion…..XD lol Well, anyway, here’s your 2 Laktoterium Powders and thank you for your time!!
  • Friska: Wow!! Thanks!! Interview me again okay? Lol XD
  • CM Tonberry: Tee-hee!! Lol….XD

Well that’s about it!! Thank you Friska and SHIELD guild!! Okay fellow WYDians be prepared and maybe next time you’ll be my next victim!!

Thank you for your continous support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDglobal!!

Guild Pic with Zues
August 16, 2008, 5:45 pm
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Okay!! I was wanderng about at the PK Zone entrance. Looking for Sir Arrancar to give him the 2 Laktoterium Powders as the price for letting me interview him. And as I stayed and spend some time with Zeus they requested me to take an SS of Zeus Guild. And I was honored to do so. Thank you Zeus Guild!! XD lol

My Second Victim!! Godbane!!
August 15, 2008, 9:25 pm
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Okay! Right now I’m still itching for interviews!! Here is my Next Victim, Godbane!! And he gave me his time for my little interview. Recently, Sir Arrancar who was once a member of Ares Guild,,,but now I saw him defeating Kephra as a member of the Zeus Guild. So!! Here is my little interview with Sir Godbane!! Please do enjoy!!

1.) Q: How do you find WYDGlobal to your liking?

  • Godbane: It is so much Fun!! Especially the C.C. System!! It helps a lot with my hunting!! XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Thanks for making WYDGlobal your choice!! And I am very happy to know that you are having fun with us!! Thanks Sir Godbane!! NEXT Question!! XD

2.) Q:Are you a premium user?

  • Godbane: Yes!! Me and my friend share wydcoins. We help each other a lot!  Especially the part where we need the GodPack. Helping is part of reaching your goal. And its fun helping someone especially when he/she’s your personal friend. XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Awww…that’s soooo CUUTTEE!!! Is your friend a girl? XD

3.) Q: What are your plans for today?

  • Godbane: Geting a blue cape!! And join Shield or Love land. But I’m still thinkg about it….I’m still thinking of joining Bushido Guild. I heard they’re sponsoring water shares for their members. It sounds good…too good…hmmm…but still it rocks if ever it was true! XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah!! You better check them out too!!

4.) Q: Do you love to PK or it depends on the situation?

  • Godbane: Yup! I’m a Situational kind of guy. I only PK another player when he/she starts to attack me. I’m not a PK addict, because I’m still reaching my goal of becoming a 400 god. My 250 God has wrong stat distribution but my god does pretty good just need another weapon lol not side of mage LMAO then I should be fine so when I’m 400 it should be good. XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Just keep on focusing on your goal, and I’m sure with the help of your friend, you two will able to reach 400 God…and even Celestial.

5.) Q: How do you find WydGlobal support?

  • Godbane: I’m not really sure….because whenever I send to Q and A, they don’t reply. Like when I asked how much was the jackpot on June 30th 2–8 I got no reply, they said they are investigating, but never replied in a month. Its about the prize of the casino jackpot…I’m not quite sure what I’ve won so I got to ask them. Can you tell me why they can’t tell me?
  • CM Tonbarry: Well…what did you win at the casino jackpot?
  • Godbane: 13 million gold to be exact.
  • Cm Tonbarry: The reason why the Gms will not entertain your problem is that because they don’t see any problem at all with your involvement with the given Q and A. Also, the GMs prioritized some Q and As to some other non-important Q and As. But for your case, the only thing that made the GMs not to entertain your Q and A is that you have already acquired your prized which is the 13 Million Gold jackpot. Okay?
  • Godbane: Oh okay!! Thanks CM!! I guess I was being selfish and all…but I think I realize now!! GMs are really working hard aren’t they?
  • CM Tonbarry: Yes!! They work 24-hours just to read all the Q and As even the ones that doesn’t make sense at all!! Thank you for your support Godbane!! XD
  • Godbane: Thank you too!! XD lol

6.) Q: Who’s your favorite GM or CM?

  • Godbane: Well, for the GM…hmmmm….well…I think GM Nemesis and CM….lol your the first CM I met!! lolXD
  • CM Tonbarry: Aweee….really? I’m the first one? XD I’m really happy!! Thanks for your time Sir Godbane!! XD
  • Godbane: Thank you for your time too, CM Tonbarry!! XD

There you have it!! My Second victim for the Random Interview event of CM Tonbarry!! Also, after the interview, my victim will receive 2 pieces Laktoterium Powders. Thank you for your time!!

Thank you for your continous support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!! Get ready!! Maybe you’re my next VICTIM!!! XD

An interview with Ares’ Arrancar
August 13, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Recently I have been gone for about a week or so…so busy here at the office…and I’ve been itching to talk to anyone I can lay my eyes on…and Arrancar just passed by and I said to myself “Hmmm…Arrancar it is!!” So I didn’t hesitate to ask Arrancar out for an…XD

So I summoned Sir Arrancar inside the GM lounge. An area where Guild Wars can be viewed and, ofcourse, its for only those, like Arrancar, that I need to ask questions from…privately.


1. Q: How long have you played WYDGlobal?

  • Arrancar: 8 months…maybe more. I already started playing SD with some of my friends, and the reason why I played WYDGlobal is that, unfortunately, SD Closed Down.
  • CM Tonbarry: Wow!! You already played SD before playing WYDGlobal. So…

2. Q:How do you find WydGlobal’s Support?

  • Arrancar: Better than the SD’s GM. Here in WYDGlobal the GMs here are really working hard for us. So I guess this is a better game for me, besides SD.
  • CM Tonbarry: You’re too sweet!! Thanks!! So…

3. Do you consider yourself as a Veteran player of WYDGlobal?

  • Arrancar: Ummm…I think so. Like I said earlier, I already played SD before even WYDGlobal introduced itself. So I already know the basics and the “know-hows” and “what-not” of the game. Hehehe! XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Ah-huh!! Players who played and stayed in SD sure has something to know more about the game.

4. Are you the only veteran player of Guild Ares?

  • Arrancar: Well…Ryukz, my old mate, also played SD with me, and also Promise. He’s good because he had also joined the WCL before.
  • CM Tonbarry: Nice!! Guild Ares have veteran players!! Nice!!

5. Did you also joined the WCL Sir Arrancar?

  • Arrancar: No…too bad that SD Malaysia closed. If not me and my friend had joined the WCL…XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Aweee…I feel sorry for you…but WYDGlobal and me, are here to make you feel better!!

6. So…how are you Sir Arrancar?

  • Arrancar: Right now…i’m kinda low in gold. Hehehehe!! XD hmmmm….
  • CM Tonbarry: Hang in there Sir Arrancar!! One day you’ll get your break!! XD

7. Does Ares Guild owns a town right now?

  • Arrancar: Oh yes, we own most of the towns in server 4, except for Erion town.
  • CM Tonbarry: Impressive!!

8. Do you think you can keep on defending the towns your Guild Ares own?

  • Arrancar: Now “CENSORED” guild is trying to get us. Its a hard time for us, we don’t have enough members. And also, they’re killing Kephra with ease getting all the loots. They’re using BUG to kill Kephra. Because of it, they’re getting all the good items…unlike us we kill Kephra with hard work and fair play…please do help us with this problem. Its unfair to everybody, not only to me and my guild, but I speak for everyone who plays fair.
  • CM Tonbarry: Well, I’ll tell the GMs personally about that “Bug” issue of Kephra okay? So don’t worry Sir Arrancar!! Its really unfair for you and the other players of WYDGlobal.

9. What are your plans for today?

  • Arrancar: Hmmmm…C.C. Mode and KS the General lol!! XD
  • CM Tonbarry: lol!! XD Good luck with the KS thingy!!

10. Who’s your favorite Cm? XD

  • Arrancar: For now, its only you!! Lol!! XD Because you’re the only one who talked to me.
  • CM Tonbarry: You’re sweet Sir Arrancar!! And thank you for your time!!

Well there you have it. My personal interview with one of the players of WYDGlobal. Sir Arrancar of Guild Ares. I hope you enjoyed reading this simple interview…and maybe you’re my next victim…XD lol!!

Oh about the “CENSORED” guild, I want to make it confidential. I don’t want for that guild to be ruined because of a “Bug” But I will do inform them about that and encourage not to do it anymore until we find a solution about the so called “Bug”.

Thanks for playing WYDGlobal and Enjoy your stay!!

A good way to start off
August 11, 2008, 11:19 pm
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Everyone starts a journey with almost nothing…well not really. When you are new in WYDGlobal here are some few tips to make your new beginning a little more exciting and let’s just say “Cooler!!”.

  • Check out your cargo. Head out to the Cargo Guard inside Armia and get your FREE mount. It will only last for Fifteen-Long Days [15D] so use while its there!!
  •  Always read your quest log so you’ll not overlook and forget about your priorities to finish and get the rewards of that certain quest.
  • Do not hesitate to ask help from others.
  • Be friendly to everyone when you are still new in WYD. Make friends so that they’ll remember you and maybe, in the future, they will help you out in certain areas  that you cannot accomplish by yourself…the power of friendship.
  • Do not spam and scam. PKed is allowed but sometimes there are limits and “signs” when to stop killing other players.
  • Join the Academies so you would reach 320 in a flash!!

This is not entirely the most accurate and the most complete helpful information you may see. But I will not treat you as “Newbies” because I know you are capable just about eveything to know about the game.

I hope these simple tips may become helpful new Wydians!! Thank you for your support and Enjoy your stay here at WydGlobal!! If there are any problems concerning about the game, please do not hesitate to send it to and go to the Q and A section.

Besides that, I am also willling to help you guys out personally depending on the problem and I will even tell it to the GMs personally about your In-Game problems.

Thank you!! Thank you and Enjoy WydGlobal!!