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Claire of the THEBALANCE Guild!! HUUUUGGGGSSSS!! ^w^.v..
October 3, 2008, 1:28 pm
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After the “Shout For Joy” Event, I have forgotten to give claire her prize. So I summoned her in our GM Lounge to give her personally the rewards, two pieces of Laktorerium Powders. And as claire started to talk, I was having to start a great time chatting with her and hanging around with CM Dhar with GM Loki messing around the place with their PIGs. Well…I was kinda jealous in what they’re doing…racing with the PIGs and all….anyway!! I have come to a point that I must INTERVIEW claire!!

Here is my interview of claire of THEBALANCE Guild!! Enjoy!! ^w^.v..

1.) Q: So Claire….how long have you been playing WYD Global?

  • claire: Lets see…I started playing here officially in March
    after SD closed down, but I made character here for fun in February.
  • CM Tonbarry: So what SD server did you play?
  • claire: I played malay SD, but the GMs there were so bad
    almost non existent….XD

2.) Q: So do you find WYD Global Better?

  • claire: Yes!! Alot better!! I like that the gm work here!!
    Also, they dont ignore players when they asked questions
    In sd the gm would log once a month!!
    if you spammed him…
  • CM Tonbarry: Really? Only once? XD
  • claire: Yeah!!Only once!!

CM Tonbarry: Before the third question, CM Dhar and claire are chatting using Japanese Language…which I couldn’t understand…I know some Japanese too!! Only…a little…itsy-bitsy!!

3.) Q: Are you Japanese?

  • claire: No…ummmm…I am an american lol!! XD
    Got interested in japanese language.
    I am studying the language to visit there!!

4.) Q: Ever planning to become a Japanese Citizen?

  • claire:  I have never thought about that actually….
    I will onsider it now that you told me!!

5.) Do you have a girlfriend?

  • claire: I don’t swing that way!! lol
    Ton silly cm!!
  • CM Tonbarry: So you’re a girl? I didn’t know!! Sowee!! Hugggggggssss!!!
  • claire: Hugggggggggssssss!!! XD

6.) Q: So how are you doing with the flow of the game?

  • claire: ummm I think Im doing good!! I like he events here!!
    Since we have a lot of events here, but I don’t know why people complain….hmmmm…
    I like the casino event — won once!! XD

7.) Q: What did you win?

  • claire: I won a jackpot!! So I guess I need to order the price piece of armor
    maybe Ill order from you then 3 left to go!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Wow! You’re lucky!! What armor do you want to have?
  • claire: I don’t know yet…hmmm…

8.) Q: How do you find our Wyd Support? Is it good? Is it bad?

  • claire: It is absolutely the BEST!!! When I 1st started here it surprised me!
    I sent a report, I got an answer within 10 minutes
    Lol!! I was like wow GMs work here!! Fantastic Support!!
    I love it!! Really helps in-game!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thank you so much!! I could just HUGGGG you right now…speaking of hugs…GM Loki’s hugging me again…and when it becomes annoying I would throw marshmallows at CM Dhar…and CM Dhar is all…”WHY ME?” and eats the marsmallow I threw at him…XD GM Loki’s is like my Big sister here and CM Dhar is like my Big Brother!! ^w^
  • clare: You work togther?
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah!! We hardly go home!!

9.) Q: How’s THEBALANCE? Still good?

  • claire: Oh!! thebalance did really good in the fight against Zeus Guild
    I love that the guild equally shares tax that is why we moved to server
    Zeus leader kept tax or so I heard from thebalance members who came from zeus
    Too much fight for tax!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Money can do many thing
    But somethings are not meant to be bought…

10.) Q: Besides all the games you played? How do you find WYD Global at your list?

  • claire: Ooooo hard question let me think….I dont really play other games now because of school but,
    from its type of game that I played
    it sure is the top for me to still play lol!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Really? Really Really? Thank you very much!! We work 24 hours to make sure you guys will have a great time here with us!! Thank you so much claire for making us your favorite MMORPG to play this time!! XD Hugggggggsssss!!!
  • claire: Yes!! Thank you too!!! HUGGGGGGSSSS!!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thank you for your time claire!! Here are your rewards, because you are such a great player and also a great chatter I will give you 5 Laktoreriums instead of 3 Laktoreriums as your prize in my SpotLight Event!! Thank you!!
  • claire: Wow!! Thanks!! HUgggggggggsss!!

Well, there you have it!! From the THEBALANCE Guild, claire!! She may be a girl, but don’t underestimate the Girl Power!!!! HUUUGGGGSSSS!!! XD

Thank you for your continous Support and ENJOY your stay here at WYD Global!! Ciao!!!!


Breakfast time…and what not…
September 27, 2008, 12:01 pm
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Well…just a little drawing of me starting to eat my pancakes..and CM Dhar…trying to kill a CockRoach…which he said to be a DEX hacker….^w^ I hope you guys like it!! Ciao!!

Green Cape Time!!
September 22, 2008, 12:09 am
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Well, after the 700 GMT “Where Am I” event, this one player who stayed and keeps on talking to me. He was kind and polite, very friendly, so I decided to take  this oppurunity to interview  him!! Its time for the greencapes to take the Weekly Spotlight.

Thank you very much TK-Guardian!!

1.)  Q: Are you having FUN with us?

  • Tk-Guardian: Yes, the best time ever!! Havent had this much fun in so long
  • CM Tonbarry: Thanks that means a lot! X3

2.) Q: How old are you? X3

  • TK-Guardian: I am 15….almost 16
  • CM Tonbarry: You’re young…X3…Are you a guy?
  • TK-Guardian: Am I too young and yes, you know, that this is the game ever
    in history of games…seriously, I love it!! Its to COOL!! All the
    awesome event…great characters…and mostly, nice GMs and Cms and
    armour and everything else. The thing that I most like about this game is the ideas that you guys had
    for example the maps and the sketch of the weapons and etc,
    I mean it!!
  • CM Tonbarry: You know….Im very happy to know that you are really having so much fun with us
  • TK-Guardian: You’re so nice!! and I really like the event where am I
    remember when I found you in Kephra Dungeon then I died
    I was so scared but you were nice enough to relo…your the best!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Well…you’re the first one to find me though
    So even though you died so even though you died
    I still consider you as the winner that time X3
  • TK-Guarddian: Hehe!! Thanks that is so nice of you!!


3.) Q: Are you still going to school?

  • TK-Guardian: I think school is very important for my future!!
    and someday I hope to be a game designer or even work for ur guys
    as a CM or GM!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Well, Do you best and you might WORK with us
    We love hard-working people!! X3
  • TK-Guardian: I only have straight A’s!!
  • CM Tonbarry: And Im happy that you take school seriously!!
    Wow …straight A’s!! It is important you know!!
  • TK-Guardian: I also do after school sports, I also ice skate and also pair skate
    Just for exercise though…
  • CM Tonbarry: Ohhhh…How about snowboarding?
  • TK-Guardian: I wish ….but I live in florida…
  • CM Tonbarry: Its always sunny there in Florida Right
  • TK-Guardian: Yup!! Today in the car…it was 109 degress celcius
    It was so hot..I almost fainted!!
  • CM Tonbarry: You can cook pancakes with that kind of Temperature!!
  • TK-Guardian: I know lol!! too bad we were driving home…

4.) Q: How do you find our WYD Support?

  • TK-Guardian: Well…first I try to contact gm-in-game
    If I dont get a response I send them a message
    I am very patient so its okay
  • TK-Guardian: How can I become OP?
  • CM Tonbarry: First send a brief description of yourself, your english proficiency, and
    what shift are you willing to handle the Academy.
    Send it to the Q and A section.
    The GMs will handle it.

TK Guarddian: Awesome!!

4.) Q: If you are to be addicted to this game
         Do you blame us…or youself?

  • TK-Guardian: I would blame myself! Because you have nothing to do with me being addicted
    If I am addicted its because I love this game
  • CM Tonbarry: Awww…you’re so nice…I could just HUG you!!Wel if can that is…
  • TK-Guardian: There you go a BIIIIGGGG HUUUGGG!!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Last question!!

5.) Q: Who’s your favorite Cm…? X3

  • TK-Guardian: Well, I dont have one! I love them all!!
  • CM Tonbarry: That’s so nice of you!! Loving  all of us!!
  • TK-Guardian: Hehehehe!! Thanks! But if I have to pick one it would be you!!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thanks!! Well….thank you for your time!! And here are your Three  Laktorerium Powders as your reward!!
  • TK-Guardian: Wow!! Thanks!! Thank you!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Thank you too!! Thank you for your time!! See you around okay?
  • TK-Guardian: Okay!! See you around too CM Tonbarry!!

Well there you have it!! TK-Guardian, He’s maybe just a Mortal but he’s a nice guy so Im proud of him!! Keep it up TK-Guardian!! ^w^

Thank you for your Continous Support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!!


Chibi Mode!! Initiated!! XD
September 20, 2008, 3:07 am
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Yay!! I made up my own Chibi Drawing…Well, I hope you guys like it!! XD Show me yours too!! I’m not good at making a Chibi but I still tried and somehow I managed to make it look like me.^w^.v..

^w^ Its time to show our Chibi Side!! Yey! Chibi!! Chibi!! Chibi!! Chibi!! Chibi Pancake! Chibi Maple Syrup!! Chibi Fork!! Chibi Plate!! Chibi Puppy…Chibi Mommy!! Chibi GM Fury!! Chibi You!! Chibi ME!!!!



At the office…
September 15, 2008, 11:32 pm
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Well, as CMs and GMs we are not allowed to give any information of our looks and about ourselves to players to avoid favoritism and any of the sort. So, I dedided to make my avatar what I look like “Formally” during Mondays and Fridays during office work. Well…this is me, in my Office Attire…pretty neat huh?

I’ll try to update more about myself in ANIME terms. So you HUNK Guys and CUTE Girls may imagine what I really look like in real life.

This is me during “At the Office” – I do not wear them everyday!! X3 Only Mondays and Fridays during reports and meetings!! XD I always hated high heels….makes my feet hurt…XD

The return of a TransKnight…cannibal
September 14, 2008, 9:45 pm
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Okay!! I was so SURPRISED I saw cannibal once again!! it has been such a long time since I had a convesation with him. I told myself, “Hey Why not?” So I asked him nicely if I could interview him and ask him about what he had been doing when he was not around here in WYD Global. And I discovered something that made me feel really awful…read it so you would know about it…I feel really sorry for cannibal…huhuhuhuuhu!! SORRY!! CANNIBAL!!! XD

First Question!! ^w^

1.) Q: So how are you? Its been ahwhile since I last saw you…

  • cannibal: I am a fine…bit sleepy…just got up from bed…
  • CM Tonbarry: Is it morning at your place?
  • cannibal: Yeah I heard how much of a meanie you were when I was away. Now , I work night shift
    so am used to being up at night.
  • CM Tonbarry: Your a hard-working man. I admire you!! X3
  • CM Tonbarry: Now don’t be silly.

Okay to the real questions!!

  • cannibal: Yes!! I will marry you!!
  • CM Tonbarry: lol I’m not even asking!! Lol! X3

2.) Q : What have you’ve been doing while you were away?

  • cannibal: You mean while I was gone? Can’t tell you..I might end up in jail!!
  • CM Tonbarry: Hmmmm..really? Lol!!

3.) Q: You’re Guildless…why is that?

  • cannibal: So if I lose my temper lol and I will
    I wont come back on to what ever guild am in it

4.) Q: Do you have plans going back to Bushido?

  • cannibal: I dont want people or my members get PKed cos of me
    maybe depends how I feel
  • CM Tonbarry: And…will you return to bushido? Someone’s waiting for you there.
  • cannibal: I know apo…somehow everything he tells me has little twist and turns..but I believe him.
    CM Tonbarry: You better talk to him about it. its better to discuss it immersively rather than ignoring it right?
  • cannibal: I agree.

5.) Q: Okay!! How do you find WYD Global at the first place?
          is it a great game? Fun?

  • cannibal: Yes I love it!! But I find it to small
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah I do agree. XD 

6.) Q: Do you have any suggestions how to improve the game?

  • cannibal: Yeah!! You should be able titles in guild as in if someone proves them self or does a nice you can give a title you have to keep alot of people happy when guild leader and all want to be sub
    giving them a title makes them feel a bit…bettter about themselves.
  • CM Tonbarry: yes so even a normal member can have a Guild Title right?
  • cannibal: Ya all
  • CM Tonbarry: Okay that’s a good idea
  • cannibal: Makes them feel more a part of the guild don’t you think?
    All big guilds forget about the lower lvls its nice not to be forgotten
  • CM Tonbarry: Yeah I think so too.

7.) Q: Do you like breakfast?

  • cannibal: Well as I wake up at 5 in the afternoon..its not really morning.
  • CM Tonbarry: so what do you eat then?
  • cannibal: Fat little people they yummyUhhh….right….fat little people. Ya just like bacon

8.) Q: Do you have kids?

  • cannibal: Ahh kids…thats why I was know on my girl had a misscarriage…
  • CM Tonbarry: Ohhh..SORRY SORRY!! I made you remember that…
  • cannibal: That’s why I had to take time of game
  • Cm Tonbarry: I feel awful right now you have done nothing
    Sorry!! TwT I feel AWFUL!!
  • cannibal: Well dont
  • CM Tonbarry: Huhuhuhuhuhu Sorry Cannibal…
  • cannibal: Its okay carry on
  • CM Tonbarry: Well…I’m still sniffinf*…I really felt awful…
  • cannibal: don’t its fine…carry on…So where you from?
  • CM Tonbarry: Can’t tell you that or to everybody else…
    Sowee…its protocol…keeping a low porfile….
  • cannibal: Don’t worry I’ll not hunt you down
    Well..I might

9.) Q: What is your goal Sir Cannibal?

  • cannibal: SImple crush all who are in my way!! I’m not sure what for yet,,,
    but It involves PK lol alot
  • CM Tonbarry: oh!! you really are a war freak!! X3 lol
  • cannibal: well what else is there to do?
    you need sub games in here no,w well, when I started playing alot of people who are high-levels bully me. Now I bully them They made this monster
  • CM Tonbarry: Scary!!
  • cannibal: But yeah!! Sub games would be nice!! Pvp like…with a wager..with like a bet winning takes the pot.
  • CM Tonbarry: Oh that’s sounds exciting!!
  • cannibal: POKER Give us poker tables lol You know ya wanna!!
  • CM Tonbarry: We already have the casino and the money cube for your gamble needs. X3 lol!!

Last Question!!

  • Who’s your favorite CM?
  • cannibal: Right now…its you. Well, im just being nice that’s all.
  • CM Tonbarry: Well, atleast you’re just being truthful and frank. Thanks!!
  • cannibal: No problem.
  • CM Tonabrry: Thank you for yout time Sir Cannibal!! Here are your rewards, three pieces Laktorerium Powder!! And I’m sorry…
  • cannibal: Great! Thanks!! Oh its okay!! XD

Well, there you have it. Cannibal, its really had been awhile since I saw him and I missed him. I am sorry for your lost cannibal…sniff* Let us all say our Condolences ro cannibal for the lost of his child…sniff* Long live and do NOT give up happiness Cannibal!!

I hope all of you enjoyed and understand what cannibal had been through…

Thank you for your continous Support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal

-Chaos- , who loves to BEAR HUG ME!! XD
September 7, 2008, 11:36 pm
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Its a just like any normal day here at WYDGlobal. Roaming and hanging around with my friends. Saying our “Hi”s and “Hello”s to everyone. (Sigh*) With a deep boring breath, I sat down looking for someone or some “THING” that can be interesting…and I saw -Chaos- of Zeus. He was pink all over from Neck to toe.

Like I always say, “It takes a REAL man to wear pink.”…uhhh…maybe right? RIGHT!! XD

  • Cm Tonberry: First Question!! XD

1.) Q: Do you like Pancakes?

  • -Chaos-: Pancakes are like the nicest thing to eat in the world especially with
    loads of junk on top.
  • CM Tonberry: Ummm..yeah junk…like what exactly? XD
  • -Chaos-: Chocolae syrup, some butter, sugar….
  • CM Tonberry: MAPLE SYRUP!!! XD
  • -Chaos-: Yeah!! That too!! XD lol

2.) Waffles? How about waffles?

  • -Chaos-: Same way with pancakes. I like them especially when they’re newly baked..cooked…whatever.
  • CM Tonbarry: and MAPLE SYRUP!! XD
  • -Chaos-: You love maple syrup don’t ya? lol
  • CM Tonbarry: With pancakes and waffles, I do, very much!! XD lol I’m the one asking questions around here!! Give me Laktoreriums!! lol XD
  • -Chaos-: Lol!! XD

3.) Q: How long have you been playing?

  • -Chaos-: I have played SD for a year before I heard the WYD was about to open. So the very same day WYD opened I created the character you see before you right now, I never remade.
  • CM Tonbarry: Thank you for supporting WYDGlobal throughout!! I’m so happy!! We are happy to hear that from you. Thanks!! XD
  • -Chaos-: Your such a dedicated team.
  • CM Tonbarry: Awww thanks!! I could Hug huggie huggie hug you right now!! If only I can!! XD GM Fury always hugs me in the office while working!! She likes to hug me…and I don’t know why!! XD Ohhhh!! She’s like my mommy at the office. XD She’s sweet and pretty too!!
  • -Chaos-: I will bear hug you!! I wanna hug you too!! Send me your picture!!
  • CM Tonbarry: I wanted too…but I’m not allowed to do so!! Sowee!! v.v You’ll kidnapp me!! XD lol
  • -Chaos-: Yes!! And I’ll bear hug you till’ your cheeks turn to puffy pink!! And hug you some more!! RAWR!! XD

4.) Q: What’s your favorite thing to do while Online?

  • -Chaos-: wow, the thing is with WYD there is so much to do the first thing I do religously when I log in is go into pk arena and kill all in there just for a laugh and see people say, “Wow!!” lol and then second favourite is talking to the many very nice people of WYD my third best is hunting but thats been bad due to low drop rate recentlyand then finally clicking watersfor some reason i love itwatching my level go up and leveling up rocks XD

5.) Q: How’s Zeus holding up?

  • -Chaos: Zeus is one of those guilds that seems etched in stone. TAHOE as an amazing leader
    I read an article the other day on how to be a good leader and Tahoe does it all
    I have a lot of respect for him and our subs. I aim to be a sub one day to improve zeus even further
    but for now Zeus is at the top of its game one word to describe the guild atm, Untouchable

6.) Q: Who’s your favorite CM?

  • -Chaos-: Which one has the biggest boobs…haha only joking please don’t publish
    You of course you offer to hug me X3
  • CM Tonbarry: lol!! I don’t have big boobies!! But they say it makes me look cute!GM Fury keeps hugging me…she said that I look like a kid…a babyface. XD Hugs are good once in a while…but when it gets too long I get annoyed!! i throw marshmallows at her…grrrrr…^,..,^
  • -Chaos-: I want HUG you so bad!! XD
  • CM Tonbarry: Me too!! XD lol You’re so sweet!! Giving me a hug!!
  • -Chaos-: Hehehehe!! Yeah!! But only to you I’ll give a BEAR HUG!! RAWR!!
  • CM Tonbarry: XD NooooOoooo!!

-Chaos- of Zeus loves bear hugs…I don’t know if its the friendly hug or the unbearable hug…hmmmm..Oh well!! I hope you enjoy my little interview with -Chaos- of Zeus Guild!!

Thank you for your continous support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!! Ciao!!